“I’m 21 And A Parent To A 15-Year-Old Girl – No One Takes Me Seriously.”

A women has gone viral after letting the people know that she is now a parent to a 15 year old girl despite just being 21 years old herself.

Sharing her story on social media, Hunter, the mother of 15 years old girl voiced her concerns that nobody will take her seriously as a parent because of her young age and she already feels self-conscious when she is with her teenage girl at her school.

Hunter realised while driving that her daughter’s teachers, school staff and even other parents is not going to take seriously. She can already feel people asking her what grade she is in when she go to her daughter’s events.

In a video that Hunter posted on TikTok that has since been watched nearly 8 million times, Hunter can be seen sharing her worries over her new parenting role. The age gap between herself and the kid leaving viewers baffled.

The response was so overwhelming that Hunter actually made a follow-up video to explain the age difference. She explained that she had recently filed for guardianship of her sister because their father passed away and her mother passed away a few months ago.

Hunter believed that it is best to have her sister live with her and she will be safe, happy and all her needs and wants will be looked after by her elder sister. Hunter also made it clear that the arrangement was perfectly legal and explained that she had been granted custody through the court of law.

Hunter clarified that she was a full-time university scholar and worker but devoted her life to raising her 15-year-old sister.

She said that it is very difficult raising a 15-year-old when you are just 21. A lot of people commented or followed her on social media who are also raising teenagers or young children at very young ages.

She found it very interesting to see other people going through similar situations like her. Thousands of commenters replied and admiring Hunter for choosing to raise her sister in spite of being only 21.

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