Boy Deliberately Changes His Grandma’s Phone Password.

Source: Reddit

At a family vacation, my grandmother was giving me grief for not remembering her birthday (I’ve never been good with birthdays) after telling me it was the password to her iPhone (she wanted me to take a picture with it, which is why I needed the password.)

While she was distracted, I opened up the settings, changed her password to my birthdate, and then set her phone down.

Cue 15 minutes later, she’s trying to get into her phone and it’s not working. Suspecting mischief, she grumpily asks me if I’ve changed the password to her phone in front of our entire family. I admit that I did.

“Well what is it?” She asked impatiently.

“It’s my birthdate.”

She sat there in stunned silence for about 15 seconds not being able to remember my birthday before our family exploded laughing. Was a good time.

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