Meet The Man Who Spends His Last Days Of Life In The Best Possible Way.

Source: Reddit

I’m terminally ill. My oncologist continue to treat me because I’m young 29 and my heart and lungs are in good shape. I’m still here to this day, so i owe it all to that man who’s saved my life multiple times. I’ve sat with my wife and cried, told her I was ready to go and laid patiently with my eyes closed ready to be taken away. It just didn’t happen, since that moment I’ve done my absolute best to enjoy the little moments in life that we easily brush past and let go unnoticed when we are busy and living a healthy normal life.

As i get closer to death the more I’ve just sat back and watched nature, genuinely stopping to smell the roses. It’s the little things in life that make life worth living. The family of birds in a nearby tree communicating with each other. The dog you wake up every morning to and can’t wait to see you and be around you. I even oddly like watching the trees rustle on a windy day. Watching my fish swim around their aquarium. Valuing the time and memories I make with my wife and friends.

People that say life isn’t worth living need to try their very best to smell the roses, watch the sun rise or Sun set. I know sometimes life really can get us down in the dumps but life is truly beautiful.

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