Officer’s Response When He Was Mistaken As An Employee At The Grocery Store.

Source: Reddit

About 25 years ago I had just gotten off of my shift with a Law enforcement agency, I had not bothered To fully change out of my uniform and I still have my tan tactical pants on… And a brand new red Henley type shirt that I pulled over my department polo shirt… And at that time I decided to stop at the local Target in order to do some last-minute Christmas shopping.

Because I am also 6ft6in I also typically get people asking me to get something off of higher shelves… At one point I had a “Karen” following me asking me to get things off of higher shelves for her etc.… And then she started asking me about pricing, and I had no idea why (not even thinking about my tan pants and red shirt) So I asked her to please leave me alone so I could do my shopping in peace… Little did I know that she would go and find a manager and complain about the really tall employee ignoring her needs.

Well peacefully shopping I was approached by Karen and the manager, with the manager telling me that I was supposed to be providing customer service especially during the holiday season and that rudeness would not be tolerated in her store. And that I should clock out and not come back to work. And that I would not be getting my employee discount with my purchase that evening… I had nothing, Simply nothing to say because I’ve never been fired from target before. I took the last of my shopping to the checkout lane where the manager and the Karen followed me… It was it at that time while I was checking out that I opened my wallet with my badge and credentials in it… And then had The presence of mind to say something to the manager, Something along the lines of “do you even know who works for you?” The Karen harrumphed off, and the managers soul seemed to depart her body… best part was the cashier and security guy cracking up…

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