Police Officer Speaks About The Pressure On The Line Of Duty That Will Bring You To Tears.

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A day in the life:

I spent the first 6 hours of my shift protecting my community. I stopped someone from committing suicide, responded to scared citizens calling 9-1-1 about some young (black) kid walking around with a gun, listened to another citizen say they need police to patrol a parking garage because their neighbors cars keep being burglarized, comforted a women who just lost her partner in their home (in home hospice care) to cancer, put out civil dispute about property, helped someone in mental health crisis get into a hospital for the care they so desperately need and encouraged a young girl who wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

Then I spent 8 hours protecting protesters so that they can safely speak their minds. While being called every name in the book and accused of being a danger to society and trying answer their questions about why I’m not protecting them.

I listened to Council members agree that police in this City don’t protect this Cities people, even though I personally have been on protection details to ensure they aren’t hurt by protesters protesting in front of their residence.

In that full day neither I, nor any of the officers standing next me hurt a single person.

Most of my days look like this… and I manage to make it to the end of it without causing any person I encounter physical pain (more times than not)… most often the blood on my hands at the end of the day is from helping those hurt by someone else (another citizen).

These hands have saved the lives of many, and taken murders into custody. These feet of mine walk into dangerous situations without thinking twice and this heart of mine has consoled hundreds of people. Police officers go where no one else will… most “social services” won’t enter a potentially dangerous situation until Police tell them “it’s okay, we made the scene safe, come on in.”

Don’t vote to take away the good cops, we’re needed. Rather fight for those who aren’t good cops to be held accountable and removed.

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