Boy expelled from school at 4-years-old finally gets a place after year at home

A five-year-old kid who is expelled for “poor behavior” will spend a year at home before returning to school.

Zac was just four years old when he was expelled from his school in October due to behavioral difficulties. Laura, 36, informed the council that her kid had undiagnosed special educational needs and refused to transfer him to another mainstream school.

Following his expulsion, the 36-year-old from Redditch, Worcestershire, criticised Worcestershire County Council for failing to secure Zac a place in a special needs school.

She even accused the council of “breaking the law” when Zac reached obligatory school age but remained at home. Zac, on the other hand, has recently been given a place in a new autistic section at Chaddesley Corbett School in Kidderminster.

Laura stated Zac has now been allocated a school seat by the council, and they will begin the long procedure of reintegration after the next half term, with the goal of starting full time in September.

Although Laura is relieved that Zac will be back to school, she is concerned that he will have missed nearly a year of full-time schooling.

She remarked that September is a long time away. He’s gotten behind and is now unable to read or write. He should be able to write his own name and should be learning to read. His name is only three letters long, yet he is unable to write them. It’s a pity. It has a significant impact on his growth. He’s not where he should be socially. He’ll find it more difficult to interact with other kids.

Laura earlier stated that her kid was afraid to go outside since he had spent so much time inside. Just days before learning of Zac’s placement, Laura expressed that Worcestershire County Council had “violated the law” by missing the deadline to re-enroll her child.

She explained, the legislation specifies that they should be in education after their fifth birthday. Jack turned five in February, so he should’ve been back in school on April 26 because that’s when the kids returned after Easter.

It’s very aggravating. They’ve had until October to figure this out. The mom feels Worcestershire County Council has now violated the law. If she didn’t send her son to school when he was five, she would have been brought to court – or they’d want to know why he wasn’t in school.

Zac was removed from Holly Hill Church School in Rubery, Worcestershire, just five weeks after starting in reception. He was expelled for a variety of misbehavior issues, involving assaults on other students and faculty.

Laura revealed that she had been putting her life on hold for the previous seven months while caring for Zac at home. She has been unable to work since she does not have someone around who can keep an eye on him. Despite her efforts to teach him at home, Zac rapidly loses interest.

Laura is coming up to raise awareness about the challenges that kids with special needs face in obtaining appropriate schooling. She described it as a “postcode lottery” for parents since municipalities have varying approaches for special educational needs.

While Birmingham City Council would have provided her son alternative schooling immediately upon his removal, the mother argued that this was not a possibility in Worcestershire. Zac stayed at home for months because Worcestershire County Council had no lawful obligation to locate him a new school until he turned five.

Laura previously stated that the obligatory school age in the UK should be reduced to four years old in order to guarantee that children stay in school once they begin.

In response to Laura’s assertion that the council had “violated the law,” Worcestershire councillor Marcus Hart, cabinet member for education, apologized.

He said that they are sorry that Zac has yet to begin his new school this term, and they recognize that this delay is causing considerable stress for both Zac and their family.

Their SEN (special educational needs) service is speaking directly with Ms Jordan to ensure interim support for Zac, a school placement that is appropriate for his requirements, and the start date for this.

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