Family Of 6-Year-Old Who Ran A 26-Mile Marathon With Them Was Visited By Child Protective Services, Speaks Out About It

The parents of a 6-year-old marathoner are talking out after they say that child protective services paid their family an unexpected official visit and interrogated their children at home.

Ben and Kami Crawford from Cincinnati, Ohio shared a picture on Instagram supposedly of one of their kids being questioned by a CPS staff member. Crawford’s wrote that yesterday Child Protective Services reached at their home unexpected and questioned their kids, parents & grandma. They mentioned that this is a frightening course since typically children are questioned away from parents, contrary to their will and their responses govern the organization’s lawful right to take away the kids.

The Crawford’s created headings previous week after they allowed their kids, comprising their son Rainier, 6, run the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati on May 1 and shared it online.

Their Instagram post of May 3 in specific flashed uproar from social media users, with some opponents going as far as to blame the Crawford’s of child exploitation.

Campbell County, Kentucky, District Attorney Steve Franzen established that CPS had gone to see the Crawfords but said no grit had been made so far in the examination.

On Saturday, Ben and Kami Crawford speak to opponents’ charges in a long Instagram video. Ben Crawford said that the actual matter that they got blamed of was physically dragging Rainier on the marathon way after mile 13 and through the finish line.

Ben further added that if you look at their finish line photograph, they all held hands for like the last possibly and said that they talked about it ahead of time, like that’s what they are going to do.

The parents uphold that their 6-year-old sought to run all along and stand by their choice to let the young boy run 26.2 miles.

Ben asked whether if he should be annoyed or not but like to trust that people are doing the best that they can. He said that they are not trying to devastate their life or they perhaps are legit scared for their children. Ben asked also where the line is.

Kami Crawford said she feel like they are doing what they feel passionate about and it would be kind of sad to halt all that.

Specialists say a marathon is a grave physical achievement for anybody and it can take a toll on a kid.

A medic said that if a young child were to run a marathon, he is concerned about electrolyte irregularities, sickness, spewing, heatstroke, all these signs and indications that may not be that clear in a young child.

The medic said that kids may have a tougher time knowing threatening signs of sunstroke, tiredness or other red flags. He added that parents must refer to a child’s pediatrician before a child is allowed to involve in any vigorous workout.

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