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Boy Saves His Mom From Drowning In Pool After She Unexpectedly Has A Seizure.

A 10-year-old child from Oklahoma is a hero. He saved his mom from drowning in the pool when she was suffering a seizure. Everything was captured on surveillance video.

Gavin Keeney and his mom, Lori Keeney, were having a lovely summer morning swimming. Things took a possibly fatal turn at this point. Lori suffered a seizure while swimming.

Lori stated that Gavin had just gotten out of the water when she had a seizure. It worried her more than anything else has ever scared her.  Lori has epilepsy and is vulnerable to seizures.

10-year-old saves drowning mother suffering seizure in pool

"He's definitely my hero.” Dramatic home security camera footage captures the moment 10-year-old Gavin Keeney leapt into action to save his drowning mother, who was suffering from a seizure in the family's backyard pool.

Posted by ABC News on Sunday, August 28, 2022

When Gavin heard splashing, he was sitting on the porch. When he looked over, he noticed his mother sinking in the water.  He acted fast, plunging into the pool and holding his mom’s head above water until his grandfather arrived. He  was worried a little bit, Gavin said. He was able to overcome his fear and save his mom.

Gavin’s courage was honored by the Kingston Police Department, who gave him a bravery award. The finest prize, though, is the safety and thanks of his mom. Lori said, he is unquestionably her idol. But she also has the impression that he is her guardian angel.

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