Boy stabbed and set on fire by father survives and gets adopted by detective who saved him

Det. Mike Blair will say that it was “a God thing” when you ask him why he chose to adopt a kid from a homicide case to which he replied.

According to Blair, the simplest way to interpret the situation overall is that it’s been a God thing for them.

Danyel Blair, Blair’s wife, had prayed that her husband would want to adopt the adorable young child who had been stabbed and set ablaze by his birth dad, who also murdered his mom and crippled sister.

Danyel Blair stated, she had already been praying that God would heal Michael’s heart and say, ‘OK okay, we have a space and Ronnie belongs home with us.’

When Blair arrived at the call, he was informed that it was uncertain if the 7-year-old kid would live.

By the time he arrived that evening, they were informed that a youngster was being medevaced to Tampa General, but it seemed unlikely that he would survive, according to Blair.

Blair visited Ronnie, a football enthusiast, in the hospital to see how he was doing and to bring him some uplifting signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers memorabilia.

They grew close over football, and one night Ronnie asked Blair to do something.

Blair stated Ronnie had asked if he could remain and watch a movie with him that evening as he was leaving. Blair volunteered to come back and watch a movie with him that night but he had to go back to work. So the evening of the 30th, he went back with his wife and watched the movie.

Blair and his wife, who have five kids between them, had a date night planned but decided to postpone it so they could spend the night with Ronnie.

Danyel Blair said she had already known that she would desire to take Ronnie home with them, starting that night.

Even though Ronnie was under the care of other family members, there were issues in the house.

Thus, it was fortunate that a guardian ad litem was chosen.

The guardian called when Blair was driving through their church and said, “Does he know of someone who can assist them out,” Blair recalled.

While their kids urged him to do so as well, Danyel had already begun to hope that Blair would choose to adopt Ronnie.

Blair felt convinced that adopting Ronnie was the proper decision after receiving encouragement from his family and driving directly by the church the minute he was put under pressure.

Ronnie is now encircled by a devoted family that will always look out for him.

The family’s catchphrase is “I am protected, I am loved, and I am part of this family,” which he may repeat whenever he forgets.

They are quite pleasant individuals. They are the nicest parents and genuinely look out for him. They are superior to everyone else, Ronnie stated of his new family.

Watch the interviews with Ronnie below to learn more about his experience.

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