“She had taken my heart back again” – High school sweethearts reunite and marry after 70 years

Although it is said that real love never flows smoothly, for one pair, the course ended up lasting a lifetime.

In the 1950s, when they were in high school and dating, Frederick Paul and Florence Harvey were each other’s first loves. However, they lost contact after being split up by a wedding invitation.

Fred had to go to his sister’s wedding in Nova Scotia from his native province of Newfoundland in Canada. He subsequently went to see his brother in Toronto but ran out of money and had to stay there for a year.

Florence had already left for a teaching course by the time Frederick arrived back to his house, so he went back to Toronto and the two of them went their own ways.

Although they had kids and grandkids, the two had always remembered each other. 

With a little assistance from their siblings, the two were able to reconnect over 70 years after both of their spouses had passed away.

While she was visiting her brother, his brother was also in the Marystown seniors’ home where they both have brothers. He promised to provide Fred’s phone number, Florence recalled.

He said OK when Fred’s brother asked if he could give Florence his number yet added, ”she’ll never contact me.”

But Fred was incorrect. Florence made a call.

She felt alone. Given that he had lost his wife the previous fall and that he was feeling lonely, she decided to contact him and express her sympathies and let him know that things do start to get a bit better, Florence explained.

The two high school sweethearts spoke on the phone often for months, sharing stories about their priceless time together.

Four times a week, they spent three to four hours on the phone at a time, according to Fred.

When Florence went to see her son who lived close to Fred, the two eventually met.

After all these years, Fred recalled the moment he finally saw his long-lost love: a few minutes later they pulled up and he walked out and he shook hands with her son, who he had never met before, and said hello to his wife.

As Florence exited the rear seat of the car, he said, he went around the car and gave her a kiss on the cheek and held her hand and headed towards his house.

Despite warnings to calm down from their children, the pair began discussing getting married and ring shopping.

They explained to their children that they are 81 and 84 years old, that they don’t have much time left, and that they understand what they desire. They moved forward as a result, Fred stated.

On August 8, the pair exchanged vows. Florence said to Fred that he was the first young man to walk her home in her teens, during the wedding. She suppose he’ll be the final guy to help her go home.

It’s joyful that  these two were able to get back together and discover that their love for one another never faded. Let’s all send best wishes for a long and healthy marriage to this lovely pair.

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