Boy Surprises His Step-Dad BIGTIME On His 40th Birthday.

When Damien’s dad left him and his mom when he was a baby, Robert came along and filled the shoes of a real father. After Damien turned 18, he gave Robert a nice present for this 40th birthday.

But before that, a note that read: Dad, you’ve been there since I was a baby boy. You taught me to ride a bike, kept me going through the tough times, showed me what was wrong and right. I learned from you how to be the man I am today. You took care of me with open arms and never walked away. I’m your biggest fan, I always have been. You’re the man I call my Dad and I’m proud of that. So here’s my Thank you for my 18 years of my life…the adoption is all set.”

He then gave the adoption papers to a very tearful Robert. 

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