Stepfather Emotionally Overwhelmed When She Asked To Adopt Her.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 13-year-old Alexa Figueroa gave stepfather Gus Roman a Father’s Day gift. It was a photo album. But it wasn’t your typical photo album. And it wasn’t your typical Father’s Day gift.

A video of that moment shows Alexa fidgeting nervously as Gus went through the pages of that photo album. And then, when Gus got to that very last page in the album, there was a very special picture.

It showed Alexa holding a sign that read: “Hey Dad! 10 years seems long enough… Don’t ya think?! Wanna adopt me?”

A few seconds after letting that soak in, Gus broke down and and was overcome with emotion. He couldn’t control his flowing tears. Alexa quickly gave him a big hug, and they started laughing together when Gus said, “Of course I do!”

Alexa was still a baby when her father passed away — just a week before her first birthday. Gus has been in the picture and has helped raise her since she was 2.

Gus also has a 7-year-old son with Alexa’s mother, and it was him who kept asking Alexa if she was ever going to have her last name changed to Roman, just like the rest of the family. But her mother, Mia, suggested she keep her name Figeroa and hyphenate it with Roman, just to retain something of what her birth father gave her.

Prior to the big question on the photo album, Gus had always wanted to officially adopt Alexa, but he did not want to force her into it… He wanted her to ask him, if that’s what she wanted. So Alexa, Mia and Noah together decided to surprise Gus on Father’s Day, the anniversary of the death of her biological father. They wanted to make happy memories of that day, and not hang on to sad ones.

And that’s just what every loving family should create almost every day… happy memories.

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