Boy with Down syndrome found starving and locked in attic is reunited with officers who rescued him

In 2010, a youngster with Down syndrome was found starving and mistreated in his family’s attic by an individual who was meant to care for him.

Giovanni “Govi” Eastwood was six years old but weighed the same as a three-year-old at the time. His mother, Rachel Perez, had been arrested for outstanding warrants, and her other kids had been discovered and brought to a secure location, but Govi stayed in the attic of his Kansas house.

Sergeant John Klingele, who located the youngster, claimed Perez invented some narrative about where Govi was. As a result, they all left, except Govi remained.

Authorities returned to the residence because they had a suspicion that the youngster was still there. After reaching out to the youngster, they discovered he was in the attic.

When Klingele first saw Govi, he said, the child looked like a youngster out of a detention camp, skin and bones. They were told he was going to be 7, but he appeared like a 3 maybe. Govi weighed just 17 pounds, unable to walk, scarcely spoke, and was covered in faeces.

The youngster had lost his hair on his head, his bones were fragile and deformed from rickets, and the fatty tissue on his bottom had faded away due to a lack of nourishment. Govi might not have lasted much longer if he hadn’t been saved that night.

There was no blanket or toys, and the kid had simply been left up there; officials suspected his mom had placed him there to disguise him.

Perez is presently serving an eight-year jail sentence for attempted murder in connection with her child’s care. The cops who rescued Govi that day were reconnected with him six years later and couldn’t believe the difference.

Stacy and Joe Eastwood, Govi’s great aunt and uncle, took in and adopted Govi and his two sisters. Govi’s recuperation has taken some time; initially, he would only sleep on the floor and was afraid of being smacked every time somebody tried to high five him, however he now feels protected and loved by his new family.

Eastwood remarked that the youngster is a charmer. Everyone he meets simply becomes a good human because of him.

The policemen who rescued him undoubtedly noted a good difference in the 12-year-old when he visited the Sheriff’s Department in 2016, when he was designated an honorary deputy and was presented with a plaque.

Govi shook the cops’ hands and thanked them for saving him that day. Klingele stated that the kid is a hero. Seeing how enormous his heart and grin are…It’s great to see him. Govi slept with his unique plaque that night, as per his great aunt.

It’s unfathomable that a parent could abuse their child in this manner. Thanking God that he was located when he was and that he is now in the loving home that he so rightfully deserves. 

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