Two brothers, 5 and 7, fend for themselves for days after mom dies at home

After their mom died last year, two young boys in Talty, Kaufman County, Texas, were left to fend for themselves at home and sustain for days.

According to heartbreaking accounts, school employees at the Forney Independent School District, where the brothers attend, became concerned after the boys went many days without communicating.

Because the school had not heard from their mom, they thought the problem deserved to be examined and phoned the cops. Police arrived at the house of Connie Taylor, 71, who was in the stage of adopting the two siblings, and one of them opened the front door and gestured to Connie’s lifeless corpse on the floor.

The boys said that Connie, their full-time foster mother, had passed asleep and would not wake up. They couldn’t contact for assistance since her phone was locked.

Unfortunately, it found out that Connie had died rather than merely passing out. Since the two little brothers were reluctant to leave the house as they didn’t know their neighbours, they’d been surviving inside for days.

Local police in Talty praised the boys’ school instructors, saying that without their quick thinking, the scenario may have been much worse.

Forney ISD spokesperson Kristen Zastoupil said that they felt something wasn’t right. They are accustomed to interacting with this parent. When they didn’t receive an answer, they realised something was wrong.

Taylor died of natural causes, according to police, and no foul play was detected.

Our heart breaks for these two young boys. Thank God they were discovered in time. Connie, rest in peace!

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