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Boy With Terminal Cancer Comforts Brother After Telling Him He’s Going To Die.

A heartbreaking photograph of a 15-year-old kid battling from terminal illness comforting his grieving brother after telling him that his life is about to end has moved many individuals to tears on the internet.

Ian, the teen, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer, in 2019. His family was overjoyed when he was cancer-free after enduring surgery and months of treatment.

Unfortunately, they learned in November 2021 that the sickness had not only resurfaced, as well as spread throughout his body.

He and his family have now been told “there is nothing more they could do” and that his life will sadly end “shortly.”

When Ian told his younger brother, Peter, whose age is unknown, the dreadful news, he burst into tears.

Little Peter started sobbing in his arms as he learned that his sibling’s days were limited. However, Ian comforted him and apologized for not being able to overcome cancer.

A poignant snapshot of the two brothers was published on Facebook by an Oregon-based guy called Benjamin Elliott, whose relationship to Ian and Peter is unclear, and it swiftly swept the internet, leaving many people sad.

It showed Ian hugging his younger brother ‘as close as ever’ while the child wailed on his bosom; Ian could be seen kissing Peter on the forehead.

This shot delivers a deeper meaning than words ever would without talking, Benjamin said in the description.

Ian and his family learned this week that there was nothing further they could do.

The cancer that had previously destroyed his body and that he had fought would soon be the disease that killed him.

Benjamin stated that Ian started sobbing after realizing that he might die shortly, but not out of fear.

He went on to say that in fact, he was OK with it.  Ian wept since, as he put it, he just wanted to accomplish one positive thing in the world before he left them all.

Ian made the option to inform his pals and his little brother that his disease will ultimately kill him, according to the Facebook user, instead of allowing his parents to spread the news.

He thinks this photo genuinely sheds a light on the “good” that Ian desired and thought he needed to give, he said.

Even when his diagnosis was bleak, it was Ian who would calm and comfort his pals and small brothers.

Benjamin finished by saying that from now on, Ian has stated that he would not “sit around dying,” but rather has “decided to stay active living until his death becomes a fact.

While he expresses sadness, he also acknowledges that he is okay with dying, he wrote. In reality, Ian refuses to live for himself. He decides to live entirely for others till he breaths his last breath.

Many individuals expressed their solidarity in the post’s comment section, with one person saying, ‘My heart is destroyed.’

‘Man, Facebook has me on the toilet weeping my eyes out,’ said another.

‘It brought tears to my eyes and an anguish to my heart for this small guy.’ Someone else said, ‘What a magnificent display of loving love and humility.’ ‘My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.’

‘Good God, I’m a puddle now,’ read one comment. ‘I despise cancer.’

Hoping for a miracle that God would cure this lovely, amazing little boy.

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