Girlfriend Asks Boyfriend To Show Up At Dinner Hosted By Her Parents With Only One Of His Moms, Guy’s Having None Of It And Breaks Up With Her.

Couples frequently have various preferences and perspectives on life, but what they usually have in common are their core values, since it is incredibly challenging to get along if, for example, one person believes in science and trusts medical professionals when they say vaccination is important and the other is completely opposed. The same may be said for their attitude toward the LGBTQ+ community. Conflicts on this subject caused a couple to split up since the boy had two mums and the girl didn’t want her parents to know because she thought it would make them uncomfortable. Read the story and do you think the boy took the right decision.

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I’m 17 and started going out with my girlfriend 7 months ago. We were already chatting before school went online and I asked her out after.

So her parents want to meet mine when it’s safe to do that and have dinner at their house. I’m cool with that and my moms are too.

But my girlfriend told me that her parents don’t know I have 2 moms and she doesn’t want them to because they’re not raging homophobes but they don’t like that. She just says it will make them feel weird and uncomfortable and asked if only one of my moms could go.

Idk I just don’t see why I gotta lie. If we stayed together obviously they would find out and also that would mean to ask my moms if one of them would not go. I have never been embarrassed about it or weird so don’t see why it even matters.

My girlfriend has been pissed at me ever since and she just tells me to do it so it’s not uncomfortable for her parents. Even my friends r saying it’s not a big deal and it’s not like I’ll get grounded for asking my moms to do this.

I’m caught in the middle here cause I don’t wanna lie about my moms or exclude one of them but everyone is acting like I’m being the a** for not doing this thing.

Redditors helped him and know he posted an UPDATE 

So we broke up. Yesterday since it had already been days of us not talking. I listened to ur comments and decided to ask how would she feel if I told her only one of her parents could go cause my moms are uncomfortable around heterosexual couples.

She basically laughed and said it’s not the same thing because that’s a “normal couple”. That kinda got me and I asked what’s not normal about my moms. Think that’s when she saw she fu**ed up with what she said. She said she didn’t mean it like that and just knows it would be awkward and weird because her parents don’t like that.

Then I asked her if she would feel like that too. And she didn’t say anything. We talked for a while and she still wasn’t getting how this would hurt my moms asking them to hide who they are. Then it got to where she admitted it would also be embarrassing for her parents to know I have two moms.

And yeah I wasn’t gonna take that and told her we’re done. Not gonna be someone who’s embarrassed about my moms or doesn’t want others to know. That was it.

My friends haven’t said anything to me yet but think I’m just gonna block them out cause I don’t wanna deal with their sh*t.

I know I said in my comments I was thinking about asking my moms for advice but since we’re broke up I’m not gonna tell them why. I only told my moms it wasn’t working out with her so we’re done.

They dont need to because I don’t want them to feel it is their fault and they really liked my girlfriend. This would hurt their feelings knowing she was feeling that way.

It’s not my first break up but it still really sucks and I’m feeling sad. It is what it is though. Thanks for everyone’s help and for telling me about my own experiences.

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