Woman Takes Down Ex When Daughters Reveal What Happens When Visiting Dad.

Divorce dynamics are extremely traumatic and set up many emotional minefields for everyone concerned, especially the kids. However, some divorce are mutual while some get into ugly fights. Read this story to know what happened between this divorced couple and Would you do the same thing that the wife did.

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I (30 F) my ex-husband (31m). Got divorced 5 yrs ago. During our divorce we owned a old single wide mobile home (1973). On a large piece of land that is zoned for a trailer park. He wanted the new truck and our savings. I wanted the old trailer and the land.

My ex and I have 2 girls (8&7). Since my divorce. I slowly started buying old single wides and restoring them. Turning it into a business. I love it.

My girls go to their dads and AP apartment every other weekend. I started noticing their clothes, electronics, toys were not coming home. At first I thought their dad was just keeping a few outfits there for them. However, my 8 yr. old got upset when she was packing. I asked her what was wrong. She told me her dad takes her clothes and sells them on line. That she doesn’t want to take her favorite shirt over there.

I immediately called my ex. I asked him to return our daughter’s clothes. Not wanting to throw my daughter under the bus. I blamed it on them not having enough for school. He played dumb. He said he got rid of the clothes that were too small. I pointed out that the jeans our (7 yr.) had were brand new. He then said that it was only fair he got some cash because he owned the trailer and land. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing this good.

I was pissed. I took my daughters down to the dollar store and bought cheap shirts. I went to a thrift store and bought cheap shorts. We had a “girls” tie dye night. Hot pink everything. Each made 5 shirts and 5 bottoms. I let our girls design and decorate them. My girls loved it.

The following week Ex sends the girls home. I could tell he was mad but he didn’t say anything. The clothes were not returned. No fear I knew this would be an issue. We made extras. When the girls went back they were wearing tie dye.

They were with their dad for an hour before he called and demanded different clothes. I kindly told him that our daughters love those clothes (they really really love tie dye). Ex got even angrier and said his parents have a major family party and the girls can’t wear pink tie dye. I told him that he should go buy other clothes if he didn’t want them to wear it. He called me an A for being petty. Am I being A Jerk? What else could I do?

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