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Boyfriend and girlfriend give up each other as dates to go to prom with special needs students.

Today, Sydney and Logan Firkins are a happily married couple. They were merely High School students who used to be boyfriend and girlfriend a few years back.

As one can expect, the youngsters were ecstatic about their prom and couldn’t wait to grab each other’s hands and enter the dance hall.

However, when prom night approached in 2017, they chose to change their plans. They would not attend prom together. Rather, they planned to invite two students with special needs to be their prom dates that night.

Sydney used to be a peer facilitator in Princeton High School’s Life Skills program. During her trips, she had made a buddy named Noah.

Noah Heichelbech, a special needs student, drew Sydney’s interest from the start with his gorgeous personality and lively demeanor. They became close friends throughout the years.

Sydney expected him to have a great time at prom since of his friendly and outgoing personality. She was also aware that this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for this special needs student to attend the event.

So, after talking it over with her boyfriend, they agreed to attend prom with two special dates that year. Sydney would accompany Noah, while Logan would accompany another Life Skills class kid called Harley.

Following that were the two promposals.

Sydney, a softball player and cheerleader, scrawled a message on a softball. She delivered it to Noah and assisted him in reading the message. “Can I steal you for prom?” read the ball.

Noah was overjoyed when he heard the question. He said promptly, “Yes, you can!”

Logan offered to his friend Harley in a more romantic way.

He sent her her favorite flowers, pink roses, with a charming message: d be blooming pleased if you answered yes to prom.”

Obviously, she said yes, and the four teenagers had a wonderful time at prom.

It’s incredibly touching, Noah told the news site, when individuals go above and beyond to make him happy.

Sydney also confessed that individuals approached her after hearing about her tale, but she thought it was all about inclusiveness and compassion, not about her.

In the video below, you may learn more about this amazing story.

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