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Woman Captures Hilariously Adorable Shot Of Baby Barn Owl Running That Wins Millions Of Hearts.

Humans are a large species, but there are other creatures on the earth that are gorgeous and interesting. However, we are unfamiliar with the majority of animals, particularly those we do not encounter on a daily basis.

Having photographers, particularly those who are dedicated to photographing nature, is a huge benefit. Their works of art provide us with a clear sight of the natural beauties that are not usually visible in everyday life.

Images can be taken in the darkest depths of a forest or from the highest point on a mountain – and sometimes (as in this example), a remarkable image can be captured just from the side of the road.

Hannie Heere is a Dutch wildlife photographer based in the Dutch city of Dordrecht. She is well-known for her breathtaking photographs of nature and animals.

She has always loved photography yet didn’t pursue it seriously till her children were grown and moved out. Hannie eventually chose to take some serious photography lessons and study various methods to conquer her longtime interest just before she turned 60.

The 63-year-old photographer was photographing owls in a barn when she noticed a little owl rushing in the center of the road.

She wasted no time in photographing the unique scene in front of her camera lenses.

Barn owls do not move their wings or prepare to fly for the first seven weeks of their lives. Rather, they hop around until they are ready to spread their wings and fly.

They expend their efforts on strolling around to get places while they work on building their muscles so they can fly away.

They even rush about as they investigate their surroundings.

When Hannie discovered this recently born owl, it was attempting to see more of its surroundings. She described the moment she noticed the little bird running around.

She was on the ground, Heere explained. This tiny bird hasn’t flown yet and isn’t terrified. She snapped the photo from around 5 to 6 meters away, she explained.

Hannie couldn’t believe how famous the picture had become when it was posted online.

It even became a viral internet meme!

Check out the video below for more footage of a baby owl running!

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