Boyfriend’s Mother Refuses To Give Back Her Baby She Calls Cops On His Family.

For a husband his family starts with his wife and for the wife her family starts with her husband. The couple should know how to balance their parents and draw a line so that they do not interfere in their lives and maintain a healthy relationship. However, in this story the girl had to call the cops due to her future mother-in-law’s actions. Read the story and let us know what the girlfriend should do.

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So me (23F), my boyfriend (27M), and our 7mo son went over to visit my boyfriend’s mother and grandmother today since my boyfriend’s grandmother is leaving town tomorrow and she wanted to see the baby. I’ve recently distanced myself from my boyfriend’s mother because she is very negative about my parenting skills, talks down on me as a girlfriend, and doesn’t respect boundaries when it comes to my son or my personal life.

However, today I made an exception because I am very fond of my boyfriend’s grandmother. Well, at the house my boyfriend brought up a situation between us that bothered him and so his mother jumped in defending him against me defending myself, but was extremely aggressive. This went on for about 3 minutes and I no longer felt the need to defend myself as the situation escalated to outside the house so I told my boyfriend to just get me our son so that me and my son could leave.

At this point my bf and his mother said no a couple times and obviously wanted to keep arguing so I headed towards the front door of the house to go inside and get my baby from my bf’s sister who was holding him. It was at this point my MIL got extremely upset and started threatening me saying things such as “if you want him call the cops” and “I will slam you on the ground if you keep walking”, as well as other physical assault threats.

I ignored these and kept walking to go get my child and it was at this point she pushed me up against the door and placed her hands around my throat. She let go and I started crying while saying “I didn’t touch you please just give me my son”. She continues to be aggressive and says once again “if you want him call the cops”.

I called them and once they arrived I filed a police report and got my baby back. This happened in front of my boyfriend’s 5 younger siblings as well. Now, my boyfriend is upset as I put in a police report and says I over exaggerated and I tried to end the relationship with him but he is begging me to stay. I am not sure if I can continue this relationship.

Is this situation enough to break up?

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