Couple With Separate Finances At Odds After Wife Refuses To Help Pay Husband’s Hospital Bill.

Marriage is a wonderful phase in life. People prefer to share all of their worldly assets, including cash, after pledging to spend the remainder of their lives with one another. However, some people want to maintain a modest level of independence after marriage, keeping their money to themselves. Such was the situation with this couple in the story who had a deal to avoid sharing or loan cash with each other. But a situation occurred which created a huge argument between them. Read the story and let us know what you think.

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I [Female], 31] have been with my husband [Male], 36] for 3 years. We don’t share finances and we each contribute to household expenses equally and individually. He’s pretty adamant on being respected when it comes to money, meaning I should not be asking him for money to pay for personal stuff, and the same goes for him. “Save for when it’s an emergency.”

Last month, I was at the mall shopping for a dress to wear at my sister’s wedding and the money wasn’t enough. I called my husband to ask him for money, about $200, but he refused, even though he had the money. I wasn’t upset… Well, yes I’m not gonna lie, I WAS upset about it cause I ended up buying a cheaper dress, but I didn’t make a fuss or fight with him for not giving me money.

Just a couple of weeks ago, he was involved in an accident, it wasn’t serious but his knee was bad but got worse. He asked if I could help him pay for the hospital bill because he didn’t expect to stay longer due to his injury but I refused.

He begged but I said no and still no. He tried to guilt me into paying by saying that I have money, and that he’s dealing with an emergency. I said his irresponsibility, whether with money or driving, wasn’t my problem.

He ended up getting help from his mom. In fact, she paid for the entire bill then grilled me hard about my refusal to pay. She called a Vile b—hbag and said that I was devoid of empathy, or any wife material, to do this to my husband. I was bothered by her harassment and told my husband to get her to back off. He sided with her.

I had an argument with him about his double standards where I’m expected to pay for him and him not doing the same for me like the dress incident a month ago. He looked at me in disbelief, called me insane and said that I was at fault for not helping him cause, unlike the dress incident, this was actually an emergency. Even said I stepped out of line to act this petty and vindictive.

I walked out of the room to cool off but it lasted for days and he’s still salty about it.

Did I go too far here? Does he have a valid point or not?

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