Boyfriend Refuses Her To Visit Late Husband’s Grave On Valentine’s Day But She Has Made Her Decision.

Love is unconditional without any terms and conditions. You still continue to love the person or cherish the memories of the person you love the most even when he is not around. Here in this story a wife lost her beloved husband and after a few years moved on in life. But a situation has come in her life and is confused about what to do. Please read the story and help her out. 

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I (37F) lost my husband in 2014, it was very unexpected. We were together since high school and had a daughter (15F). It took a long time to accept his death and move on but I did and I’ve been in a new relationship for three years now.

My boyfriend (38M) is amazing and I love him, he gets along with my daughter super well which is obviously important to me. The drama is, we’ve recently been arguing about the fact I have a few photos of my late husband around the house. He said it makes him uncomfortable to constantly see the man I was married to.

I have a table in the living room where I have a small memorial type thing, it has a bunch of photo frames of my late husband as well as candles. I came home from work two weeks ago and saw that my boyfriend took all of the photos off the table and stashed them in a drawer. It caused a massive argument. He told me he did it because it made him feel like a guest in his own home. I told him it’s f$$*ed up to be insecure over a man who isn’t even alive but he believes his feelings are completely valid.

My late husband’s birthday is the 14th of February and every year I go to visit his grave with my daughter. But this year my boyfriend got irritated over it. He told me he wanted to spend the entire day with me but instead I went to “look at a gravestone.”

Apparently I ruined Valentine’s day. I was FURIOUS. I asked him why suddenly has an issue with my late husband and he said it’s because he was planning on proposing to me but he can’t anymore because he believes I’m still caught up with my husband. I ended up calling him a c**t and and he angrily left the house and hasn’t been back since. Am i in the wrong?

What is your opinion about the boyfriend’s behaviour? 

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