Teen Babysits Her 3 Cousins Full-Time Almost Every Day, All Hell Breaks Loose When She Asks To Get Paid.

Babysitting children is not for everyone since it needs a great deal of patience and compassion. So when you find someone good, value the person. In this story a working couple had their relative take care of their babies. But the girl is in a confused situation since she genuinely asked something which didn’t go well with her aunt and uncle. Read the story and let us know what your opinion is about the whole scenario.

Source: Reddit

So I (18F) routinely babysit for my Aunt and Uncle as they both work a lot, I currently babysit their children: (1M and 1F) and (8M) five days a week from 8am till 8pm, the older cousin is in school for most of those hours so he’s not so much trouble I just need to pick him up and ensure he has dinner and does his homework etc but it’s the twins that i’m primarily taking care of.

I recently told my Aunt and Uncle that as this is severely cutting into my ability to look for a job and start making my own money that I could only continue if they paid me and threw out a ballpark figure of £80 a week which is far less than i’d make in a fulltime job and much cheaper than paying a stranger to take care of the kids we’re family after all I didn’t want to overcharge. They also make good money so this would in no way hurt them.

It seems however this was a mistake as my Aunt blew up about how entitled I am and how you don’t charge family to babysit and began to rattle off how I have free access to their wifi and their food etc, I pointed out that taking care of two one year olds I have basically no time to go on the wifi and that I can’t eat their food and have to bring my own as i’m vegan and 90% of their stuff isn’t compatible with that which led to a huge argument I was eventually told to get out.

My Aunt has now taken to Social Media to rant about how spoiled and entitled I am and how she’s not going to pay someone for the easy job of taking care of two babies who are basically no work which is hilarious as I can assure you two 1 year olds is not easy. My parents are now up in arms over this defending me and my Mum is not talking to her sister. I just feel awful for causing this family drama, should I have just continued to do it for free?

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