Boy’s Kindness Towards A Homeless Man Is Worth Reading.

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This is my 6 year old son Edward, a stubborn and hard headed child. While walking around downtown Pittsburgh this afternoon, on our way to get lunch before his dr appointment he saw an elderly man sitting on the street with his cup out for money. Edward dropped some change in it, but that wasn’t enough. After we ate our lunch we went to McDonald’s and bought some lunch for the kind man sitting there. Edward thinks that everyone should have a chance to have a meal, so that’s what he did. He gave him a meal.

If my 6 year old can have the heart to make sure that others eat, why can’t most adults? He wants to go back and take him a blanket and a pillow, so that’s on my shopping list for Edward. I love that he can be so caring ❤❤ makes me think that my husband and I are doing something right in raising him and hope that our other 2 children will follow along also ❤❤ 

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