Man Didn’t Believe His Eyes Seeing The Waitress Leave The Restaurant Without Serving Him.

Source: Reddit

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I was eating at a restaurant with a big group of friends. Our table was round a corner in a booth, and fairly tucked away, out of sight of most of the diners.

In the middle of our meal, one of my friends (let’s call her Helen) went to the bathroom. On her way back to our table, a man seated at a table shouted ‘OY WAITRESS’ at her. I have no idea why he thought she was a waitress as her clothes were nothing like the uniform.

She went over to him (I think just to see what his deal was). He said he had never been to that particular restaurant before and he wanted to know if he had to go up to the counter to order or if there was table service.

Now, this restaurant did NOT have table service; you WERE supposed to go up to the counter to order. But it turns out Helen is a vengeful sort. Feeling annoyed that he had yelled ‘OY WAITRESS’ at her (which is kinda rude whether you work there or not, quite frankly), she decided to tell him that there WAS table service and that someone would be along to take his order shortly.

She then returned to our table, told us the story of what had just happened. We giggled a bit and then carried on with our meal. I thought her trick was a little mean to be honest, but I was sure this man would figure it out soon enough and would then place his order at the counter.

On our way out of the restaurant, however, Helen pointed out the man to us. He was still sitting at his table, with no food, and was now looking quite agitated.

As Helen put her coat on, pointed him out and exited the restaurant, he caught sight of her and it became clear that slowly…slowly… he was starting to realise what had happened.

His table was right next to the glass frontage, so we remained in sight for quite some time as we walked away from the restaurant. And we all witnessed as his look of slow realisation turned to pure thunder. He’d probably been waiting there for about 25 minutes, sitting there and getting increasingly annoyed that nobody had taken his order yet.

Helen had absolutely no sympathy.

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