Boy’s ‘torture’ was filmed on CCTV set up by his mom and her partner to ‘monitor’ him

15 year old Sebastian Kalinowski was supposedly forced to accept shameful physical drills and was beaten with an extension cable.  

Leeds Crown Court heard that though the boy was too feeble to stand, he was held up so the physical attack on him could carry on, several of which carried on for hours.

Sebastian eventually passes away in August and prosecutors say that it happened because of a contagion triggered by untreated complications of numerous rib breakages.

The cruelty he suffered was caught on CCTV cameras at the family home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, set up partially to monitor and employ control over the teenager.

The boy relocated to the UK in October 2020 from Poland to live with his mom Agnieszka Kalinowska, 35, and her partner Andrzej Latoszewski, 36.

Prosecutor Jason Pitter QC said that initially Sebastian’s mother was happy to have her son with her. But then by New Year’s Eve both perpetrators started seeing Sebastian as an interruption and spoke of him being a fibber and playing absentee from school.

Pitter told judges that they may determine that these were tries to defend what they would present as a necessity for Sebastian’s punishments. The prosecutors further said that these punishments were harsh and turn out to be gradually more severe and ferocious over time.

Judges heard that the boy would be punished simply for plummeting food on his bedroom floor or even just having moved out to the toilet at night-time.

Judges were told how his punishing became increasingly cruel since January 2021 and that he was kept purposely out of the way of others. On August 13 Emergency services were called to home by Latoszewski after the boy had been insentient for couple of hours. Latoszewski said that he had found the boy in the bath with his head beneath water, telling possibly that he had sunk.

An investigation of Sebastian discovered wounds as well as bruising to his bums, forehead, jaw, stomach, limbs and numerous rib breakages.

Mr Pitter said CCTV displayed Latoszewski carrying the boy out of the room at 8.25am, before taking him back around 15 minutes later. Sebastian was nude, evidently wet and insentient.

Latoszewski finished with some endeavour to do CPR and at 9.24am, seemed to be trying to drizzle water into the teenager’s mouth before blowing into it. He was also exposed of assaulting him a number of times with a needle in the groin and thigh, seemingly amused whilst he did so.

After the duo was detained over Sebastian’s demise, cops grabbed their phones and security cameras from their house.  

Judges heard that the boy was attacked mainly and utmost harshly by Latoszewski, but that his mom was involved at numerous occasions.

Kalinowska and Latoszewski reject killing, alternative counts of murder and instigating or permitting the demise of a child, as well as a charge of negligence.

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