Parents sue children’s hospital after their son was given an accidental VASECTOMY

Parents of a 4 year-old child take legal action against a Texas hospital for $500,000 after the boy was erroneously given a vasectomy in the course of surgery to treat a hernia.  

The child, recognized in court papers as ‘R.B,’ reported of right-sided inflammation in his scrotum that would deteriorate in the evenings when Dr. Susan L Jarosz suggested a right inguinal hernia healing in August 2021.

Surgical treatment was performed at the Texas Children’s Hospital, was planned for August 4, 2021, but when trying to eliminate the hernia, Jarosz also cut the vas deferens, which transmit semen out of the testes.

As per the complaint filed in Harris District Court on June 7, Jarsoz and risk management staff at Texas Children’s Hospital then counselled the child’s parents of probable short and long-standing consequences comprising abridged potency.

Attorney Randy Sorrells said in a declaration that though apologies were given but complete responsibility was not accepted. The attorney further added that the parents now face the tough duty of explaining this to their son at the suitable stage.

The parents are now prosecuting Jarosz, an assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine, as well as Texas Children’s Hospital for $500,000 in damages. They claim Jarosz was inattentive by failing to correctly place and dispersed the hernia sac from the vas deferens before eliminating it surgically.

Moreover, attorneys claim that Jarosz broken the standard of attention by failing to implement normal care while carrying out hernia repair surgery on the child.

In hernia operation, a surgeon makes a cut to open up the skin, and then they will softly push the hernia back in place, tie it off or eliminate it. They would then close the feeble area of muscle with stitches.

Sorrell claimed that in R.B.’s case, Jarosz was not able to correctly recognize what she was cutting and said that such a blunder is unusual.

Sorrells also said the kid’s parents were surprised to learn what had occurred to their son and are worried about the long-standing effects on the boy and any forthcoming sexual companions he may have.

Sorrells further said that the worse long-standing consequence is the effect on the four-year-old’s generative procedure that will require him to go through artificial reproductive measures.

The litigation contends that the child will more than likely struggle with fertility problems later in life and will have to face medical expenditures, mental agony, deformity, physical damage and expenditures for fertility cures.

JUST IN: 4-year-old Gets "Unintended Vasectomy" in Surgery

JUST IN: A 4-year-old's family is suing a Houston hospital and doctor after he received an "unintended vasectomy" during surgery. We're told the young boy had been getting treatment for a hernia. Photographer: Thuan Nguyen

Posted by Matthew Seedorff on Monday, 13 June 2022

The complaint states that the emotional and mental effect of surviving with the awareness is profound. It further states that there is likelihood that ‘R.B.’ may have to apply assisted reproductive services to conceive.

In a declaration, the Texas Children’s Hospital said that their main concern is the wellbeing and comfort of their patients. Hospital refused to comment further due to patient confidentiality necessities.

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