A 7-year-old British boy was shot in the leg. But he did something about it that possibly only 7-year-old boys would think to do. He asked Santa Claus to track down that man who hurt him.

Christian Hickey, of Salford, made that plea to Santa in a handwritten letter. That was the top thing on his Christmas wish list, followed by walkie-talkies, a remote-controlled helicopter and a Play Station game system.

The young boy was attacked when his mom, Jayne, answered their door. After two men spoke briefly with the 30-year-old mother, one of them shot both her and Christian in the leg.

Said Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson: “It is heart wrenching to know that a little boy who should be writing a list filled with exciting gifts, has got this at the top of his Christmas list. What happened to Christian will stay with him for the rest of his life but what we can do is try to make this up to him by finding those responsible and bringing them to justice.”

Police said the shooting of Christian and his mom may be related to a murder and a feud between rival gangs that involved at least 5 other shootings. Hopefully, Santa will come through and Christian will get his wish.

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