Brave Marine jumped on a grenade to save his fellow comrade

Lance Corporal Carpenter, 21, was a fellow of a platoon-sized alliance force positioned to Afghanistan in 2010. Carpenter and an associated Marine were staffing a rooftop security when the opponent started a daytime outbreak with hand grenade.

In the middle of a battleground, a grenade was fired in the close proximity of Carpenter’s companions and he took no additional thought prior launching himself on top of the grenade and engrossing the blast with his own body.

The moment the grenade exploded, Carpenter’s body engrossed the impact of the explosion, brutally wounding him, but then saving the life of his associated Marine.

Remarkably, Carpenter was not killed but shrapnel was entrenched all over his body, the bones in his face and skull devastated. He had a distorted lung and had lost portion of his chin. Carpenter was even declared dead at some point.

After the daring performance, Kyle would undertake forty diverse operations to restore the injury left by the grenade. Shortly, he received a Purple Heart in gratitude of his valor.

He was also bestowed the Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama himself. Kyle later superannuated from the armed forces and started receiving a degree in International Studies at the University of South Carolina.

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