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NOT ‘FRIENDS’: Reality star calls Lisa Kudrow ‘one of the worst humans’ he ever met

Spencer Pratt, star of “The Hills,” has called “Friends” actress Lisa Kudrow “one of the worst individuals.”

Add this to the list of things you thought you’d never hear. If you’re perplexed, you’re not alone.

The reality personality, famed for his honesty and sarcasm, was asked to remark on the rudest celebrity he had ever encountered in an effortlessly candid TikTok.

He shared, “Well that’s easy, Phoebe from ‘Friends.’ Without a doubt, one of the worst people I’ve ever met.”

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In a subsequent article, Pratt recounted a ritzy dinner in Malibu held by NBC’s chairman in 2009. He and his wife, Heidi Montag, were attending their first true A-list elite party, but it was evident when they got there nobody wanted them there, he said.

As they’re sitting there eating a little caviar,” he says, Phoebe approaches, which was a bit surprising because nobody had talked to them at all at the party.

Pratt, who refuses to call Kudrow by her given name, then claims, they’re standing at the buffet, and right in front of him, she tells Heidi that she has to get away from him as soon as she can, cuz he is going to murder Heidi and that he is going to kill Heidi as he has the eyes of a serial killer.

You’re not alone in questioning if this is parody.

Pratt states, Heidi looks around to check whether it’s a prank. Perhaps this is a skit… She doesn’t laugh, she just walks away. And it is the rudest interaction he has ever had with a human being.

Pratt’s video, which has received thousands of likes and comments, provided a fascinating look, whether wholly accurate or untrue, into the crossover between reality television and Hollywood’s elite.

Pratt and Montag’s relationship was depicted as stormy on the MTV show, although the pair has stated on multiple occasions that the friction was exaggerated for cameras. “Speidi” were married at the time of the alleged meeting. They’ve been dating since 2008 and are expecting their second kid in December.

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