Bride Action Goes Viral When Groom Cancels The Wedding At The Last Moment.

Michelle Marxon of North Dakota had her October 19th dream wedding planned down to the minute details. But her fiance told her he didn’t love her any more. Extremely cruel words to tell someone when an actual wedding has already been mapped out, with thousands of dollars changing hands.

But Michelle, as in all of our previous stories, was not going to let all that food and entertainment go to waste. There would be no wedding, but there would be fun and smiles for some.

Michelle handed her entire ballroom venue over to a charity so its clients could have a big Halloween party. So the limousine, flowers, band and reception with plenty of food at the Ramada Crystal Ballroom did NOT go to waste, as many disabled adults and children were able to join in a fun celebration that they would otherwise have not shared.

And Michelle’s extreme kindness through her immense heartbreak allowed that to happen. 

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