Bride Who Called Off The Wedding Decides To Throw The Party For The Homeless Instead.

Last year, Sarah Cummins was planning to get married on July 15, but she called off the wedding to Logan Araujo the week before. She declined to say why… because, well, you know… she didn’t want to.

Unfortunately, she had a non-refundable contract for a 170-plate dinner on her wedding day at the Ritz Charles event center in Carmel, Indiana. She cried and called vendor after vendor… and cried some more. She was stuck with it. The $30,000 she had saved up for so long and sunk into her big wedding was gone, and she couldn’t get Any of it back.

She was sick about it, and she was sick about the idea of having to throw ALL of that good food away. But it soon occurred to her that she could do something else… she could devote that special day of hers to feeding the homeless. Even Logan agreed that that would be a really good idea.

Sarah and Logan went so far as to donate their dresses and suits to many of those homeless people who showed up for the big event.

Says 35-year-old Erik Jenfen, one of the homeless men attending the big dinner: She took a time of her life where she was really sad and kind of lost, and turned it into such a teachable moment for people who are less fortunate. It was an opportunity for us to keep our eyes and our heads up…. To realize that there is still an opportunity for us, that life does exist and revolve outside of homelessness and where we are in life right now.” 

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