Why This Young Boy Grew Out His Hair For Donation.

Kids will be kids… unless they do something pretty darned awesome, and then, they’re quite something else, and here are 10 stories of some amazing youngsters.

1. 8-year-old Christian McPhilamy grew out his blond hair really long. And he got teased an awful lot in school for doing so, with many pointing at him and calling him a girl.

But he stood his ground and continued letting his hair grow. He wasn’t trying to make a statement or imitate the hair style of someone from a hard rock band. He actually grew his hair out long so he could donate it to kids who have lost their own hair from cancer treatments.

Christian let his hair grow for more than three years before having it clipped and donated to the charity Children With Hair Loss.

2. A man boarded an Alaskan Airlines flight. There were serious communication problems with flight attendants right off the bat, as the man was deaf and blind.

So the staff announced that they would appreciate someone coming forward who knew sign language. And it turned out, young Clara did. Clara, only 15, knelt next to the man, named Tim, through most of the flight, and would communicate with him by using her finger to draw letters in the palm of his hand.

He asked her lots of questions and they had a great conversation, something that others aboard the flight could tell the man had missed very much.

Several who witnessed the amazing encounter wrote about it on Facebook.

3. Ross Kelly is a sixth-grader in Australia, and he made a really good friend in school named Isam. But Isam was deaf and could not communicate well with his new friend.

So Ross decided to learn sign language, so that he could translate many things for Isam. Ross was nominated by his teacher for a special humanity award…. and he won.

4. Do you remember seeing lonely or shy kids in school? Well I sure do. They have no one to share things with or play with them. And That’s really sad. But a second-grader in York, Pennsylvania, Christian Buck, came up with something that might just help those situations.

It’s called “The Buddy Bench,” where shy or lonely students can come sit on the playground and try to make friends with others.

And now, after realizing how incredibly effective it is, more than 200 schools throughout the world have Buddy Benches.

5. Can you imagine having a jersey of your favorite sports hero and having it signed by him or her? Could anything at all make you part with it?

7-year-old Alex Ibarra knows that feeling all too well. He had a jersey of his favorite soccer star Christian Pulisic that was signed by the man himself. But Alex decided something else was much more important than holding onto that signed jersey. So he had it raffled off.

All of the proceeds would go to benefit Puerto Rico to help with the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria last September. More than $3,200 was raised from the raffle.

On a side note, Pulisic heard about what Alex did, so he sent him another signed jersey. AND he made his Own contribution toward the Maria recovery efforts.

6. A fifth-grade class in Andover, Kansas was tired of seeing all the violence going on. So they asked their teacher, Shanda Seibel, how they could change that. And she said “kindness… big or small.”

So the students started “The Kindness Project.”

Everyone’s goal for the project is to spread kindness, and the students are calling for all classes everywhere to do the same.

7. In Independence, Missouri, 7-year-old Phoebe Brown was shopping with her mother one day when she spotted a discarded scratch-off lottery ticket.

When she picked it up, she realized it was a winner… a hundred-dollar winner. Her mom could hardly believe it, but sure enough it, indeed, was a winner. So now… what to buy with it????

Phoebe decided she wanted to buy a hundred dollars worth of groceries… and donate it to help feed the hungry. And I can’t think of a better use for that winning ticket.

8. Brecken Hayes, who attends a middle school in Avon, Indiana, had saved up his allowance for quite a while…. $450 in all. So for a kid his age, now it was time to buy something really cool.

But instead of Buying something cool for himself, Brecken DID something cool for others. He gave every penny of it to his local food bank.

Says Brecken: “People need food and water to live. I just wanted to help them.”

9. Campbell Remess is a 12-year-old boy who live in Hobart, Australia. And he’s not exactly your typical 12-year-old boy. Instead of riding his bike, or skateboarding or running around with his friends, he likes to sew. And he sews to make Teddy bears for the sick children at Royal Hobart Hospital.

So far, he has made more than 800 of those little bears for the children. Campbell, who has been sewing since the age of 9, said he loves what he’s doing, and that there’s a little magic in all of his bears.

10. When Chrissy found the note on her front door in Lakewood, Washington, she couldn’t believe it. And now she’s desperate to find the child who wrote it.

The note read: “I am sorry that we stole your windchimes our mom died and liked butterflies so my sister took it and put it by our window I am sorry this is only money I have please do not be mad at us.”

It was signed… Jake, and had with it $5.

Chrissy said she is not mad in the least, and that the letter made her cry because she lost her own mother when she was only 5. She wants to find Jake to give him his money back, along with a second wind chime so Jake and his sister can each have one. 

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