Trucker Saves The Dehydrated Wolf By Pouring Water In His Mouth.

In Central Brazil, two men were taking turns driving a big-rig along a remote road on a scorching hot day when a wolf passed in front of their truck. So they stopped to take a picture of it. When they did, that wolf jumped into their truck and scrambled to the darkest, shadiest corner of it to get out of the searing sun.

The men had to find a way to carefully remove the animal from their truck, so one balanced himself on the side edge of the truck and used a lasso. They eventually got the wolf out of the truck, and it immediately collapsed with exhaustion.

As the severely dehydrated animal lay on the ground, one of the men used a plastic bucket to pour water into its mouth for several minutes to revive it. Once the wolf had a good amount of water, the man still holding it down with the lasso gave it a friendly pat on its side and then released it from the lasso.

The wolf quickly sprang to its feet and darted off into the woods. The men, realizing they had just saved what could have been a dangerous animal, gave each other a high-five and were off on the road again. 

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