Trucker Jumps Into Action Seeing A Motorist Throwing Out A Kitten From The Car Window.

Ya know, it’s one thing to give up an animal for adoption. It’s a whole nother thing to throw an animal out of a moving car because you just don’t want it.

A trucker, who has not been named, was driving his big rig on a multi-lane highway through Mercyside, England, when he spotted a motorist a few lanes over roll down a car window and toss a kitten out on the road.

He was just horrified. He pulled his truck to a stop and ran over three lanes to rescue the little black and white cat. What kind of person does such a terrible thing to an animal??

He immediately took the kitten to a rescue animal sanctuary, where the feline, which was named “Lucky Laurie,” was determined to have suffered extensive injuries, mostly to his mouth and jaw. His bottom jaw was broken, his lips were split and his bottom teeth had been broken off.

But despite all of Lucky’s painful injuries, workers at the sanctuary said he was such a loving and friendly kitten. The workers are pretty certain that if the trucker had not brought in Lucky for immediate help, the kitten probably would have died. 

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