Couple’s Kindness Brings A Smile On The Sad Bride.

On a warm summer’s day in Mississippi, Dulce Gonzalez was so excited about her wedding coming up in an hour or so.

It was absolutely beautiful outside, along the picturesque beach coastline, where Dulce and her fiance, Ariel, would exchange vows and be united as one in marriage.

But as the wedding neared, dark clouds started moving over where chairs and decorations and flower arrangements had been set up on the beach. And Dulce started getting a little worried. There was booming thunder… and there was lightning.

And a few minutes later, the skies opened up and heavy rains slammed down on what had once been a most beautiful wedding spot, soaking everything that had been put out for her special day. And now, the wedding that had been planned was only moments away, and Dulce was stuck inside her parent’s car, crying… and not really knowing what to do, as the rain continued to come down.

Then, someone started rapping on one of the car windows. It was 67-year-old Cynthia Strunk, who owned a nearby home on the beach. She and her husband had been watching Dulce’s wedding preparations all morning, and she hated that the weather was not cooperating with them.

She had witnessed so many other weddings from the window of her home, and she did not want Dulce to miss out on hers. So she offered Dulce her home for the wedding.

Everyone in the car started crying and thanking the woman so much for her generosity. And, a short time later, Dulce and Ariel were married… in a stranger’s beachside home. 

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