Bride is slammed for firing 8-year-old niece as flower girl at wedding

For ages, flower girls have been a mainstay of traditional weddings. In the past, they frequently dispersed herbs to fight off bad spirits, but in more recent years, they frequently adhere to flower petals. Every wedding is unique, though, and even the most enjoyable aspects of preparation can be tainted by stronger familial ties. In this story a bride questioned if she handled the distribution of flower girl responsibilities at her wedding incorrectly. Read the story and let us know what do you think of the situation.

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Got married last weekend and had a lovely day, but had some commotion early on the wedding day.

For flower girl, we had a choice between my two nieces, Amber and Katie. They’re both eight and it was a tough decision. Unfortunately for my perfect day I felt shallow and since Amber has more of a typical angelic ”cute” appearance (very long hair, glasses, big smile) I picked her. Her parents also convinced me she deserved it because she got top marks in some assessment her school did.

During the wedding prep Katie and her dad (my brother) kept telling me that Amber had been bullying her about the fact she didn’t get the job. The girls have never liked each other for reasons I don’t know. I didn’t pay too much mind to it since I was too caught up in myself.

On the wedding morning I got to witness the bullying myself and it was pretty cruel. Amber (and keep in mind this is an eight year old child) told Katie that she’d never get married because she’s too ugly. I could imagine how upsetting this would be for a child and I made Amber apologise and also took away the flower girl job and gave it to Katie. Amber was crying throughout the wedding day, and for the past few days I haven’t heard anything from her dad, my other brother.

My husband and I are going away on our honeymoon on Thursday, and I was anxious to get in touch with my brother before we leave. He finally called me and was extremely angry at me for taking the job away from his daughter. He said Amber has been crying the past two days and felt really humiliated, and was really looking forward to the job.

As someone who was bullied myself growing up, it felt like the right thing to do after Amber’s behaviour towards Katie. I can’t imagine how upsetting those comments would be, and at that point Katie, who had never been anything other than well behaved deserved it more than Amber. 

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