Bride left fuming at mother-in-law who walks into the church for her son’s wedding in a white gown

When you’re invited to a wedding, there are two easy guidelines to follow: show up and don’t show up in white.

Amy Pennza’s mother-in-law disobeyed the second rule, and her response went viral after The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon encouraged his Twitter followers to report the most humorous wedding blunders they’d witnessed.

Pennza shared a picture of herself plainly enraged with her mother-in-law, who was dressed in a white gown and looked like a bride herself.

Amy recalls the time from her 2004 wedding ceremony after almost a decade and a half. Amy expressed that she got dressed in the chapel in this little chamber, and it’s virtually burned in her memory. The door opens, she goes in, and she appears to be an angel, lighted by sunshine behind her. Except that it isn’t.

Amy stated of the wedding day photo she uploaded, her hand is clenched, her back is extremely tight, one can feel the bones in her spine. Naturally, practically everyone who read her tweet agreed that wearing white, much alone a full-fledged bridal gown, is a definite no-no for weddings.

Amy didn’t leave folks waiting and went on to explain what occurred when she was taken aback by her mother-in- law’s outfit.

She does recall telling her mother-in-law, ‘You may be the bride,’ and she blanched and said, ‘I know,’ so the bride assumed somebody got to her before her and asked, ‘Terri, what are you wearing?’  Amy elaborated.

Fortunately, there was no catfighting, name-calling, or flinging red wine at each other, and the ceremony carried on as normal, save for Amy’s sister and her college roommate’s weird expressions. They both spent the reception gazing at her, then at each other, then at MIL, then at her, then at the officer the venue forced them to employ — praying she didn’t go for his taser, Amy laughed.

Amy, taking everything in stride, claimed that her mother-in-law was only looking for a bargain and had no intention of taking the attention away from the bride.

Knowing her mother-in-law is knowing that there is zero malice in her heart—the woman just can’t stop a discount (and the dress was heavily marked down), she said. Her mother-in-frugalness law’s is legendary. She takes the ketchup packets from restaurants and refills her bottles with them at home. She will take the olives and celery from a Bloody Mary and put them in a salad.

Amy said her mother-in-law made up for the wedding dress hijinks, and it’s now a moment she can look back on lovingly.

However, ever since the event with the matching gowns, Amy has cautioned her mother-in-law that when it comes to weddings, it’s preferable to avoid a specific hue that is generally designated for the bride.

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