News Anchor Slammed For ‘Inappropriate Dress’: Do You See A Problem With It?

Those who work in any ability that requires them to be on camera easily become used to to nasty remarks about their looks, particularly in a time when the internet has made anything and everything available to individuals from all over the world, and social media has made it easier than ever to judge others from the anonymity of your own computer.

However, if you’re a reporter like Kristen Nicole, this kind of criticism is unavoidable. She was still taken aback when people commented on her pregnancy bulge. The “Good Day Chicago” news woman, who already had one child, was anticipating another when viewers complained to her television station about her revealing her pregnant belly. You’d believe that a successful working mom is worthy of appreciation, particularly when she’s still showing up to work throughout her last trimester, yet some individuals always seem to have something unpleasant to say.

The anchor allegedly got three emails from three different women — Karen, Gene, and Sabrina — all of whom were upset that she had permitted her pregnancy bulge to appear in the form-fitting blue dress. One of the women even accused Kristen of donning a fake pregnancy belly in order to enhance her ratings. Another reviewer criticized her for not wearing more traditional maternity clothing.

Kristen later stated that the negative messages were “disappointing,” but she did receive a lot of support from others. Fans poured in their praise, praising Nicole for her good looks and handling of the matter. “You are stunning. Ignore people who attempt to make others feel awful because they are insecure,” one Facebook user said.

It’s difficult to think that many people in this day and age would object to a pregnant woman not hiding her body behind a tent. By merely peeking out your window as you drive down the street, you’re likely to witness a considerably more exposing exhibition than Kristen Nicole was displaying in her blue dress.

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