Bride Says She Wants To Drop Her Sister As A Bridesmaid Because She Won’t Wear A Dress Her Size, Asks The Internet What To Do.

For any bride the wedding should be perfect in every manner. Be it the food, the guest list, the decor, the gown and even the bridesmaid dresses. Here in this story the bride finds it difficult to dress her sister who she feels is lying about her real attire size, and is trying to claim ignorance about how large she really is. Read the story and let us know what the bride should do.

Source: Reddit

Hi, This is going to sound so nasty but I’m thinking about dropping my sister as bridesmaid 🙈

She’s an absolute nightmare because of her weight, when I asked her what size she was she said size 20 which is completely wrong, she’s way bigger than me & I wear between 16-20 clothes. She seems to think because she can wear size 20 leggings, she can wear size 20 tops but leggings are stretching & her top half is way bigger.

She got super on the defense when I said she couldn’t possibly be a size 20 & she kept being a nightmare picking dresses that wouldn’t be great for her body shape. I think she’s going to be so hard to dress because of how big she is 😕 & how she won’t accept she will need bigger dresses.

I’m not really sure what to do, I feel awful but it’s stressing me out so much.

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