Middle School Principal Dug Deeper When Boy Refused To Take His Hat Off In Class.

After a recent haircut, one middle school administrator assisted a kid who was feeling uncomfortable. This is a touching story that will remind you of how much certain individuals in our schools go out of their way to make pupils feel cherished and cared for.

Jason Smith is the principal of Warren Township, Indiana’s Stonybrook Intermediate and Middle School. An eighth-grader was recently ordered to his office for declining to take his cap off in the class.

Jason remarked that he sat down with him and inquired as to why he was doing so and what was happening. He said he just got his hair style and would rather avoid the manner in which it looked. He thought his hairline was a bit strange. That’s when Jason offered to repair the student’s hair provided the student promised to return to class after he was finished. The idea was accepted by the student.

Jason shared that he has been cutting hair for as long as I can remember.he   trimmed his teammates’ hair before games as a college basketball player, and he has been cutting his son’s hair for 17 years. So he had proficient trimmers and edgers at home. Thus, Jason asked, ‘Assuming I return home and get my trimmers and line you up, will you return to class?’ He responded, ‘No doubt, I will.’

Jason went on to say in an interview that he understands how essential self-confidence and pride in one’s appearance are for pupils. “At that age, peer acceptability is quite important. So the barbershop is a major event in the community for a young guy, especially an African-American young man. For children, looking nice and expressing and showing themselves is really important.”

This principal’s tale of assisting this student was shared on Facebook. And it struck a chord with the public, causing it to become viral.

Principal Smith, on the other hand, did not believe he went above and beyond his responsibilities in any manner. He believes it was just part of his duty to assist children and address issues at school rather than exacerbating them.

“We’re not using a harsh fist to discipline,” Jason explained. “You may call and arrange for the child’s defiance to be picked up by the parent. Or you may sit and figure out what’s wrong and see what I can do to help. What exactly do you require right now?”

God bless the principal of this school.

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