Baby Who Survived 2 Open-Heart Surgeries Smiles For The Very 1st Time In Hospital.

When your kid is growing, every first is memorable; from the first time you feel your baby kick to the first time he or she takes a step, it’s a mystical moment. These milestones, on the other hand, are a miracle when your kid is born with health problems.

Theodore “Teddy” Nelson was born with only half a heart, and his parents had to wait until he was six months old to see him smile for the first time, however when it happened it was an enchanted second in a greater number of ways than one.

When this adorable child turned to his parents and offered them the loveliest grin, he had just undergone his second open-heart surgery and had previously spent 185 days in the hospital.

Parent Alexandria Nelson of Buffalo, New York, said that around the second open heart medical procedure he experienced a stroke. She added  they didn’t know whether Teddy could at any point have the option to grin.

Miracle Teddy ♥️ Baby, fighting for his life, smiles for the first time at 157 days old, and his parents cry tears of joy at this miraculous moment. "We patiently waited 157 days for Theodore's first smile on Feb 3rd! All the sedation from enduring two open heart surgeries, suffering a stroke and coming through six different intubations had sadly prolonged his first smile. A few days after his 5th month birthday, he gave us a new glimmer of HOPE that will carry us through the rest of this chapter before coming home. We can say, without a doubt, that a smile has NEVER meant so much to us." ~Alexandria Nelson, Teddy's mom Teddy's story from Hope Rises can be found here:

Posted by Hope Rises on Thursday, 27 February 2020

She explained that they weren’t convinced the connections in his brain were there to allow him to grin. It truly gave a tremendous hint of something to look forward to for the future that he’s ready to conquer these hindrances. That is how the grin affected them. 

Teddy was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, a congenital cardiac abnormality that prevents normal blood flow through the heart. In August 2019, he had to have surgery 15 minutes after his birth.

Whenever Teddy accomplished this great achievement his folks had the option to catch it on camera. The video has been shared by various sources via web-based entertainment and countless individuals have become hopelessly enamored with his delightful face.

Alexandria explained that his sister was in the room; [Teddy] enjoys hearing her voice, and her husband, he has a particular touch.

Teddy will need a third operation in the coming weeks, but his family is excited to welcome their precious bundle home for the first time.

She stated, “They call him feisty, and we adore it.” “We don’t give him enough credit half of the time… he [has] so much determination and fight.” 

She often remarks Theodore’s half a heart creates twice the love.

Watch the cute video and let us know whether you too have been smitten by this lovely face? Teddy’s grin means a lot to us, and we hope he continues to prosper.

Teddy has all of our best wishes for a long, cheerful, and healthy life. Please share this story of hope and love.

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