She Overheard Dad’s Girlfriend Talking About Sending Her To A Boarding School. “Trying To Get Rid Of Me”

(This story was sent to us by Jessica).

Source: Reddit

My mom passed away 5 years ago and I(15F) think of her every day. My dad went through a really bad depression and I had to take care of myself basically.

During the Christmas holidays my dad told me that he had been seeing someone for a while. I noticed that he was happier and I guess I was happy for him. I didn’t want him to be lonely forever but I did feel like my mom was being erased completely. He never wanted to talk about her and he got rid of all pictures with her in them. He said that his gf will be spending Christmas with us and then moving in. I wasn’t happy at all. I don’t even know her but I didn’t say anything.

I met her on Christmas and usually my dad and I put the star on the tree that day. We would put the star on the tree and watch the grinch. It’s our tradition and we kept it even when we were grieving my mom. It’s the only tradition from when she was with us that we actually kept. When his girlfriend came over he put the star on with her while I was in the bathroom. Also we didn’t watch the grinch because she hates it. I know I sound spoiled and childish but I was so angry. We’ve been doing this my whole life and she just came in and destroyed it. The whole night she didn’t even bother getting to know me at all. She was all over my dad and pretty much ignored me. I told my dad about how upset I was about our tradition and he said I should grow up and that things change.

I didn’t like her because she gave me a bad feeling so I never got close to her. She complained to my dad about it and he got mad at me for not making her feel welcomed. I felt bad because she makes my dad really happy so I tried being more friendly with her.

In front of my dad she was nice to me but when we were alone she ignored me or spoke to me with an attitude. She even told me that I was a brat and I make my dad’s life harder. I told him but he didn’t believe me and yelled at me for trying to sabotage his relationship. He said that I wanted him to die alone and be sad and that I was selfish. I was so shocked because none of it is true. My dad basically treated me like I wasn’t there at all after that. I felt like I did when my mom died, all alone.

I stayed up really late one night because I just couldn’t sleep and wanted to sneak in a midnight snack. The gf was in the kitchen on facetime so I decided to be nosey and listen. She was talking about my dad and how much she loves him. Then she said that he had “this dumb daughter” and she wondered if it was too late for adoption. Her and her friend laughed at that. She said that I was a little b*tch and she hated me. Her friend then said something about boarding school or military school but I left so I didn’t hear the rest.

I was so exhausted from all the crying I did so I actually slept. I didn’t tell my dad and I don’t even know if I should since he probably won’t believe me. I really miss my mom. I kinda want to go live with my grandparents (mom’s parents) now but I don’t want my dad to think that I’m leaving him.

What do I do? Can I even do anything? How do I get my dad to listen to me? Would I be wrong for leaving?

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