Bride’s Gift To Step-Son On Her Wedding Day Will Bring You To Tears.

Story by Rebekah Seabolt

“Throughout our engagement, Tyler’s son asked us several times “do I get a ring too?”, so when I was thinking of how I could make him feel special and included on our day, I knew exactly what I needed to do. I browsed through Etsy for the smallest “rose gold” band I could find and had “Forever Family” engraved on it along with our wedding date.

I knew the perfect time to give it to him would be during our first look before the ceremony. Right after he saw me for the first time I explained to him what I got for him and he was so excited to have a “rose gold” band like his daddy and me.

He proudly showed that ring to EVERYONE! (Even though he’s since lost it twice and it was squashed by a car in the road 😉#parenting, right?)

Becoming a step-parent is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. These pictures highlight one of our best days together as a family, but reality involves a lot more mess, stress, and learning curves… especially for me as I adjust to joining an instant-family during a global pandemic.

Even though it’s hard, I am incredibly grateful, honored, and humbled to be on this journey with my boys and look forward to the years ahead of making memories and going through life together. ♥️

Photos by Ashah Photography

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