Bridget Fonda Looks Unrecognizable As She Is Seen Out For The First Time In 12 Years.

In 2002 Bridget Fonda retired from acting. In 2009 she was last captured publicly while attending the premiere of Tarantino’s World War II epic Inglorious Basterds. She took the decision to leave the limelight in order to begin a family with husband Danny who already had two daughters from his marriage to Geri Eisenmenger. In 2005, she gave birth to her son Oliver.

She stepped out in Los Angeles with her son Oliver, 17, driving her silver luxury Land Rover. She looked totally different wearing a pair of black framed spectacle, a no makeup look, just some gold earrings and hair tied into a low ponytail.

She stepped into a comfortable white-black striped top with a pair of black sweatpants. Her look was completed with some white crew socks and a pair of slip on new Balance sneakers. She was unable to be recognised from her extremely glamorous look.

The daughter of Peter Fonda was also accompanied by her cute pup. She had a blue sling bag across her body while she handled several things at once- her cellphone, keys and a tumbler cup in her hands.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Bridget made sure to mask up while being close to the public. During her outdoing she was also seen exiting from the passenger’s side.

In two neighbouring properties situated in Encio, Bridget lives with her husband and their son. Encino is home for many famous people like Gwen Stefani, Nick Joans and Priyanka Chopra and Selena Gomez.

She is part of Hollywood’s famed Fonda Dynasty which involved her grandfather Henry Fonda, her father Peter Fonda and aunt Jane Fonda. She made her mark on the acting world in the 1980s and 1990s after giving many box office hits.

Danny and Bridget sold their Los Angeles mansions, two of them for a combined price of $14.6 million and shifted to Santa Barbara where they own a ranch. They had planned only to stay for a month during lockdown but ended up making the ranch their main home.

It’s great to see her after so long. Hope her days are filled with love and happiness.

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