Dad Shares Experience Taking His Daughters To Women’s Bathrooms.

A father daughter love is always precious. Here is an an amazing father who is protecting his daughters and at the same time being respectful to other women. He is for sure doing is responsibility with utmost honestly. Way to go dad!

Muhammed Nitoto, 37, was a father to Zendaya, 5, and Zuri, 3, who wanted to take his 2 young daughters into the women’s restroom. But was not sure how the public would react?

He wasn’t comfortable taking them to the men’s bathroom since Zuri was still in diapers and in the men’s room the changing table was out in the open by the sinks and urinals. He mentioned that the men’s bathrooms are often dirty and not meant for babies and kids. His first concern was taking care of his children’s privacy.

The first choice for Nitoto is always a family or general neutral bathroom. However many places don’t have them so he then has to use the women’s bathroom for his daughters. The California dad and parenting blogger expressed that he always informs before entering the bathroom.

Nitoto in his words before entering announces, “Excuse me, I’m a dad, I have my daughters with me. Do you mind if I bring them in? If I hear the door open when we’re in a stall, I re-announce myself. I don’t want to surprise anyone. I know some women have experienced trauma and might be afraid. I try to be as respectful as possible.”

Nitoto never experienced any person getting outraged with his presence. In one incident, a woman asked him to wait outside until she was finished and then offered to stand guard outside the bathroom for him and his kids.

Nitoto expressed that a dad with a daughter is a different experience than a mom with a son and he believes moms understand that. On Instagram he shared a post on why he takes his daughter to women’s public bathrooms which was applauded by thousands of people. They supported and encouraged what he was doing.

A person commented that he is a father to a cute daughter and taking his little child to the men’s toilet is no place. Urinals are not private affairs and his post has given this father the courage to take his child respectfully to the ladies bathroom if the disabled loo is not available. He thanked him as he made daddy daughter days out more convenient.

Another one wrote that as parents they are all together with him since he is doing the best for his baby. Kudos to the loving father to his little girls.

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