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Britney Spears says “I don’t believe in God anymore” in latest audio recording discussing her children

Britney Spears shared another audio clip on Monday, this time discussing her relationships with her boys, Jayden and Sean Preston, as well as her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, on her Instagram. The recording follows a contentious interview with Federline and Jayden.

Spears’ three-minute recording begins with her saying, she can understand completely why her family would have a problem with her doing her own thing, maybe cause she never have, referring to the limited autonomy she had for more than 13 years while under conservatorship, which gave her dad, Jamie Spears, managing over aspects of her life such as finances and medical decisions. Federline is the sole guardian of both of their kids.

Spears concluded the audio by describing how her conservatorship experience has influenced her religious views, claiming, if God existed, he would not have let it occur to her. Due to the way her children and family have treated her, she no longer believes in God.

Jayden Federline defended his grandfather throughout the interview, stating he doesn’t deserve all the vitriol he is getting in the media. He also expresses his love for his grandma, Lynne, whom Spears has accused of being a supporter of the conservatorship.

Similarly, Kevin Federline stated in the ITV interview that he believed the conservatorship which Spears has described as “pure abuse” was legitimate, and that Spears’ dad finally “saved her back then.”

In the interview, Spears’ kids stated that they did not witness their mom’s wedding to model/actor Sam Asghari since she didn’t invite the whole family, and then if it was just going to be him and Preston, he just don’t see how that scenario would have concluded on good terms, said Jayden.

Kevin Federline said that Spears’ social media activity had harmed her boys. He attempts to explain that perhaps that’s just another way she attempts to communicate herself.  But it doesn’t change the truth of what it causes to them, he continued.

Jayden also expressed his displeasure with his mom’s Instagram use, adding, it’s almost as if she needs to post something on Instagram to get noticed. This has been going on for years and years and years, and there’s a good probability it’ll never end, but he is hoping that she will stop.

Spears appeared to reply to these charges in an Instagram video released Saturday, stating in the caption that she is so sorry, kids, but she is still utilizing social media and is sorry if they believe she does it for attention. She is sorry for the way they feel. However, she has some exciting news for them. She, too, is a child of God, as they all are in God’s eyes. NO, she is not sorry and has learnt to use the phrase SO!

Spears pushed deeper into the issue in Monday’s audio clip, addressing her younger son, now 15, directly: “‘Hope she gets better, I’ll pray for her’ — for what?” Jayden, as he undercut her actions like her entire family always does. 

Do they desire her to get well so she can keep paying their dad 40 grand a month, or are they opting to be hateful because it’ll be done in two years and he won’t receive anything?” Spears went on to say that when Federline’s kids reach the age of 18, they would no longer be able to receive child support payments from her.

Spears claimed in Monday’s tape that she had repeatedly requested additional time with her boys, yet that they would leave her house early during regular custody visits.

It was never good enough if she didn’t surround them with gifts, have excellent food ready, and play an expletive saint, she explained. Spears also recounted telling Jayden she wished to see him more and receiving the following reaction, speaking to him directly: “You called your dad. I never saw you again.”

Britney Spears Responds to Son Jayden Speaking Out About Their Strained Relationship

Britney Spears shares a lengthy response after her youngest son, Jayden, speaks about their strained relationship in a new interview set to air on ITV News.

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Friday, 2 September 2022

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