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NEAR-DEATH DROP: Horrifying moment carnival ride plunges 50 feet to the ground, several hurt

Several people were hurt, along with at least 5 kids, when a high-rise swing at a fair in northern India malfunctioned and fell to the ground.

The terrifying incident was captured on camera on the Dussehra fairgrounds in Mohali on Sunday at 9:15 p.m.

The high-rise spinning roller coaster is seen slowly mounting a column in a video of the disaster. The swing hovers at the top for a brief minute before plummeting 50 feet. The swing collides with the ground, sending numerous passengers flying out of their seats. Screams can be heard as the event unfolds in front of startled fairgoers.

Video: Swing Crashes At Crowded Fair In Punjab, Children Injured

A high-rise swing with many people including children on it crashed at a crowded fair in Dussehra ground in Punjab's Mohali on Sunday, the police said.

Posted by NDTV on Sunday, 4 September 2022

As there were no ambulances on the fairgrounds, good Samaritans assisted in loading the injured riders into police vans. At least 16 individuals were hurt and transferred to a public hospital in Mohali.

According to an eyewitness, fairground bouncers threatened those who attempted to assist, and fair organizers “fled the scene.”

The attraction was scheduled to close on August 31, however it has lately been extended until September 11.

At this moment, the reason for the issue is unknown. Cops have initiated an investigation, stating that “severe punishment will be taken against the guilty.”

Mohali is in the Punjab state, roughly 160 miles north of New Delhi.

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