‘HEROIC’: Next-door neighbor saves mother, 2 children in house fire

The Boston Fire Department is praising a next-door neighbor for his “amazing work” in saving a woman and two kids from a blazing 3-alarm fire.

Around 12:10 a.m. Saturday, a fire broke out in a two-and-a-half storey structure in Boston’s Roslindale district.

The Boston Fire Department tweeted that a heroic job by the next door neighbor to save a woman and her two kids who were caught on the second story by heavy fire at the 3-alarm fire on Delford St. As he grabbed the 5-year-old that the mom dropped out the window to him, he laid a mattress down for them to jump on.

The conflagration is believed to have caused $1 million in property damage.

According to the Boston Fire Department, “radiant heat from the volume of the fire melted the siding of the next structure.”

As a result of the fire, five adults and four children were forced to flee their homes. Two firefighters were injured while putting out the fire.

The reason for the fire was not immediately determined.

Quick judgments by the Command staff, and a coordinated effort by our Fire Alarm Division, allowed our Firefighters to aggressively battle the fire internally and outside, and keep it restricted to one structure. Excellent work by everyone! according to the Boston Fire Department. 

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