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Broken Elderly Teacher Leaves Class After Students Mock Her: ‘I’m Just A Stupid Old White Lady!’

Bullying at school may occur to anyone, irrespective of age. This is the sad truth that one senior teacher had to face after being mocked on many occasions by her kids.

Bullying is still a serious issue in many US schools today. Many children’s mental health has suffered as a result, and many have left or transferred schools.

In one school, the issue extended beyond the pupils; instructors were also harassed. One elderly instructor couldn’t take it any longer and chose to resign in the midst of class.

The instructor was definitely beyond her breaking point when she determined she no longer wanted to cope with her cruel, disruptive children, according to a video of the event. Some students could be heard laughing as she packed her belongings, assuming she was kidding about leaving.

They would eventually discover, nevertheless, that their instructor was genuine about leaving. With her voice quivering, she remarked as she gathered her belongings from behind her desk:

“And people are laughing! I’m gonna go, I don’t even care if I don’t get paid today. I’m just a stupid old white lady, that’s all,” she says.

A handful of pupils can be heard discussing her in the video, with one male student loudly exclaiming, “Woah, isn’t no way.” Meanwhile, the instructor continued to rage about the disrespect she was experiencing, encouraging them to do whatever they pleased.

“Yeah, do whatever you want, I don’t care. You’re going to do it anyway,” she remarked as she gathered her belongings.

When the students saw they had gone too far, they made an attempt to persuade her to remain. But the instructor had had enough and announced her permanent departure. “I’m walking, I’m walking right out the door. I won’t ever be back,” she said as she walked away.

A guy dressed in what looked to be a blue Ross uniform also emerged in the video. It was unknown what he was doing in the classroom or why he was passively watching the event unfold.

The heartbreaking video was shared on TikTok, where it received millions of views. People on social media were baffled as to how the kids could be so harsh, particularly to an elderly lady who was simply there to perform her job. One person couldn’t help but express her sorrow for all the instructors who had to deal with rudeness on a regular basis.

Some educators related their own experiences, including how they had to overcome the impulse to walk out on many occasions due to disrespect from pupils as young as six years old. One even went on to remark that she couldn’t imagine senior instructors putting up with the disrespect for the last thirty years.

While some have opted to get up and go, others have managed to persevere in the face of adversity. One teacher said that after a bad day, she got a note of thanks from a student’s mother, and it was enough to get her through the year.


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Being a teacher is not an easy task, particularly when dealing with youngsters of various personalities. Individuals are urged to treat others with compassion in a society where bullying is common, particularly when everyone has their own personal challenges to contend with.

Have you ever had an encounter like this before? Do you believe the instructor acted appropriately? What would you have done in this situation?

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